Tips to Lower Energy Bills This Summer

Tips to Lower Energy Bills This Summer

Your last summer’s utility bill probably left quite a dent in your income, and you’re looking to make a change for the better this summer. You’re trying to find better ways to lower energy bills so that you don’t make the same mistake as you did last time.

As summers approach, your reliance on technology increases, and you’re using multiple home applications at the same time. From your air conditioner to your washing machine, you’ll find that these applications take up a lot of energy and have increased your electricity bills exponentially.

Lucky for you, there are a number of ways you can save energy costs during the summer:-

Checking Your Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner is probably the most used appliance in your home during the summer months. The rising temperatures make it almost impossible for you to go about your day without turning on the air conditioner to help you stay cool and relaxed.

You should regularly opt for air conditioner maintenance every 2 to 4 months, depending on how old the model is. Keeping your AC maintained helps ensure that your unit does not require additional energy and that it is operating at optimal efficiency.

Replacing your Air Filter

As basic as it sounds, replacing your air filter does wonders for your air conditioner’s overall efficiency and improves the flow of air. From time to time, debris and dust particles get stuck in the air filters and limit your air conditioner’s ability to absorb heat.

A dirty air filter causes not only increased energy costs but also disrupts adequate ventilation and worsens the quality of air. You can save on approximately 15 percent of energy costs by changing the air filter of your air conditioner.

Setting the Appropriate Temperature of Your Thermostat

You might not realize it, but with every degree of extra cooling for which you lower the temperature of the thermostat, the energy costs increase simultaneously. The ideal temperature would be around 78 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to save energy costs.

It goes without saying that while you’re not at home, it is best to turn off the thermostat so you can save as much energy costs as possible.

A lot of people have a habit of lowering the temperature of the thermostat when the air conditioner is already. However, lowering the temperature merely increases the energy costs and won’t really make much of a difference in terms of cooling your room faster.

Installing Solar Panels

While solar panels are an expensive investment with high installation and maintenance costs on top of the actual cost of the panels, they prove to be quite useful in reducing energy costs.

You’re probably focusing on the initial costs of installing a solar panel in your home and have a lot of doubts about its efficiency, but once you fully understand the benefits it provides, the idea will sound appealing.

One of the most important and obvious benefits you can reap from its installation is the significant decrease in energy costs. Solar Panels normally save around 10000 to 30000 dollars worth of energy costs and can save up to 90 percent of your energy bills.

More importantly, summers are the perfect time to fully utilize the benefits of installing a solar panel. The more sunlight the solar panels can absorb, the better utilization of energy costs.

Additionally, solar panels don’t emit any greenhouse gases and are essentially pollution-free after their installation.

Washing Clothes Carefully

The whole process of washing and drying requires using a lot of energy if you’re accustomed to using appliances to wash your clothes. Washing machines, dishwashers, and dryers all generate heat, which exponentially increases energy costs.

It is best to use cold water to wash your clothes, and instead of using the dryer, hang the laundry out to dry so as to save energy costs.

When using the dishwasher to wash dishes, try to reduce the number of cycles in a day. Instead, only use it once for a full load of dishes.

In addition to using cold water to do the laundry, it is also practical to use cold water when taking a shower. A cold water shower during the summer months is refreshing anyway, and it helps save on energy costs.

Always Unplug if you’re not Using It

Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself busy on your phone with multiple appliances running in the background. For instance, the television may be on, along with different light switches as well.

While you may think it doesn’t have much of an effect on your electricity bills, that couldn’t be far from true. Keeping the lights on can cause a considerable increase in energy costs.

Bottom Line

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